The Paintbrushes Stephanie The Artist

about the artist

Born in Brisbane, Australia to a big, busy family, Stephanie picked up a paintbrush at an early age and set about making the world a prettier place. After whipping through school in a creative frenzy, she graduated in first place from a Bachelor of Visual Arts majoring in Graphic Design from Queensland College of Art (Griffith University).

From there she swapped the city life for the sun, sand and surf of Miami, Gold Coast where she was snapped up by international swimwear label Voodoo Dolls. Doing everything from designing fabric prints to directing sunrise photo shoots, Stephanie's passion for art direction was born. She headed overseas, working internationally as an Art Director between catching sets at Puerto Escondido, Mexico, fine-tuning her Spanish in Costa Rica and falling in love with Paris. Finally settling in London, Stephanie entered the world of creative media as Art Director for Shape Magazine UK (the world's biggest women's health and beauty magazine). Directing shoots for Shape in every exotic location between Jamaica and Sweden, whilst writing travel stories and shooting her own images left her brimming with inspiration and creative energy.

Which brought her home to the country she is most passionate about, and more specifically to the breathtaking beaches of south-east Queensland and the dramatic cane fields and mountains of northern NSW. Setting up a small studio overlooking the beach in Miami, she now spends her days covered in paint, but with a smile from ear to ear.


Stephanie is heavily influenced by 1950's architecture, interior design and graphic design, and culturally inspired by an eclectic mixture of Danish, Brazillian and Californian lifestyles.

Stephanie's fine art draws on retro colour palettes mostly inspired by the 1970's interiors she grew up in and shapes inspired by the likes of Charles & Ray Eames and Robin & Lucienne Day. Bold strong areas of colour are inspired by the work of Mark Rothko and the colour studies of Josef Albers.

Stephanie brings to each canvas a casualness and sense of fun, believing her art has the potential to create happiness and positive energy within every environment.

the future

Stephanie is currently working on her new range of beautiful hand made Christmas decorations, trees and wire sculptures, as well as some fantastic, new, urban-inspired works on canvass. She's also creating her second series of fun and quirky postcards, this range focusing on Mum & Baby. (available online soon, please enquire).