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I would like to order standard pack/s of Graphica postcards. Each pack contains 10 cards, one of each design, at $18 plus $3 postage.


Specify your quantities for individual cards below. Cards are $2 each plus $3 postage.

Dance with me a little this Christmas?
old brown sweater
It's a new day
Do you know?
how you doin' baby?
you're my precious thing
escape with me on a salty breeze
you, me, a little jazz and some sunshine. perfect.
Meet me in the kitchen?
consider yourself hugged
I would like my postcards to be sent via standard post.
I would like my postcards to be sent via registered post, and I will collect them from the post office upon arrival.

(All large orders will incur an increased postage fee, quoted upon receiving your order. No refund given for orders not received. Postage is within Australia only)

Payment should be made by cheque or money order to 'Stephanie Lawson'
Postal address: 10/8-12 Marine Parade, Miami 4220.

Orders will be posted as soon as cleared funds are received.

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